High School Fine Arts Programs

The fine arts include academic programs as well as public performances. Whether you are a prospective student or simply want to enjoy the fine arts events at Pike High, the resources on this page will provide more information about all of our programs in art, music, and theatre.

Graduation Requirements

Click hyperlinks below for summaries of each course and its requisites.

Prerequisites: Open to all students, with upper-level placement based on director approval. 

This is a performance-based class.  It provides opportunities for performers to increase, develop, and refine performance skills and precision vocally.  Students are required to attend after school events such and concerts and other performances.  Emphasis is placed on increasing music reading skills, diction, intonation, and vocal technique.  Students are required to perform in the concert attire as determined by school.  Grades are based on daily class participation, basic skills tests, class work, and performance participation.  Attention is given to all areas that are essential to membership in a music performance.  Each school offers various ensembles; for more information, contact the individual director.

Prerequisites: Teacher Recommendation

This course provides opportunities for advanced level performers to increase, refine, and further develop performance skills.  This course emphasizes the performance of music appropriate for each ensemble.  This course may also include various components of music history, theory, analysis and cultural influence and improvisation techniques at an advanced level of understanding.

Prerequisites: Director Approval

This course is designed to develop an advanced level of understanding of musical theory, preparing students for the AP Music Theory Exam.  The AP Music Theory course corresponds to two semesters of a typical introductory college music theory course that covers topics such as musicianship, theory, musical materials, and procedures. Musicianship skills including dictation and other listening skills, sight-singing, and harmony are considered an important part of the course. Through the course, students develop the ability to recognize, understand, and describe basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score. Development of aural skills is a primary objective. Students understand basic concepts and terminology by listening to a wide variety of music. Notational skills, speed, and fluency with basic materials are emphasized. Students planning to major in music in college may be able to exempt a college music course and/or enroll in an advanced music theory course, depending on individual colleges’ AP policies.

NOTE: This course is accompanied by an AP Exam.

Prerequisites: Level I open to all students; Upper levels based on director approval

This course offers students the opportunity to study acting methods and games to enhance the students’ knowledge of theater.  The course involves performance opportunities and some after school rehearsals are required. Students will prepare monologues and scenes for performance. Acting methods are discussed at the advanced level. All areas of theater will be discussed such as Technical theater, house management, Stage management, makeup and costumes. This is an upper level class.


Prerequisites: Open to all students 10-12; Upper levels based on director approval

This course introduces art history, art criticism, aesthetic judgement and studio production. Emphasis is placed on the ability to understand and use elements and principles of art through a variety of media, processes and visual resources. Master artworks will also be studied for historical and cultural significance. Intensity of study increases with each level.

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